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Outside Inn Cuisine has always been renowned for friendly welcomes and fantastic service. Our front of house team are the ones responsible for making sure the welcome you receive sets you up to enjoy your event and ensure the day runs smoothly.

Jasmine Huttley works as our front of house manager and knows a thing or two about welcoming guests! Before joining The Outside Inn, Jasmine spent years perfecting the art of the welcome with us at The Dartmoor Inn, Lydford where her charm and meticulous attention to detail have earned her a loving clientele and loyal following.

Jasmine is a real people person, providing professionalism and a friendly smile, calmly overseeing the smooth running of the event. She preempts any snags and generally keeps us all in line!

Jasmine works with us to make sure that we cater for everyone, whether she's making personalized cocktails, running the bar or just offering that extra helping hand to make sure your event feels stress free.

So while she will be with us on the day, we know sometimes the show must go on! Jasmine and her team of waiting staff are available for hire for such an occasion, and these are some of the services they can provide:

 - Cocktail mixologist

 - Bar management

 - Champagne/ Gin service

 - Professional waiting staff with the experience and flexibility to manage any event

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