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Philip Burgess


Chef Philip Burgess has over 35 years experience working as a chef in London, Devon, France and Switzerland. His culinary career began, aged 18 at The Dartmoor Inn, Lydford. Philip later spent 25 years as Head Chef at the Arundell Arms Hotel and Restaurant in Lifton, Devon before returning to The Dartmoor Inn, as Head Chef.


His culinary influences are diverse but primarily based on the classic French style. He specializes in Devon Ruby Beef and West Country seafood dishes, always using the finest local ingredients.

Andrew Honey

Philip began bespoke outside catering around eight years ago in response to growing demand for his stylish and delicious menus. In conjunction with his colleague Andrew Honey, a talented chef he has worked with for eighteen years, Philip created Outside Inn Cuisine. Together they offer the perfect combination of culinary flair and eye for detail that will make any occasion a very special event.

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